Belfast Telegraph ditches jackets has vowed to tone down his flamboyant style.

The Black Eyed Peas star is known for his love of lavish stage costumes and dresses flamboyantly in everyday life too.

He is a coach on the UK version of The Voice, where his love of bright clothes and patterns won him a lot of new fans. The musician is preparing for the new season of the show and has decided to dial back his style a little.

"I've slowed down on the jackets a little this time. I don't want to be predictable," he told British magazine Heat. "I have a new word collection though. And I have some great new phrases and some cool metaphors. I'm trying to keep a healthy vocabulary."

will has a clothing line called Ekocycle with Coca Cola, which is made entirely of recycled material. He hopes it will encourage people to think more carefully about what they wear and where their clothing comes from.

"The problem is that many of the people who design the green stuff, they’re not the same people who design the things that we desire," he previously explained to "They’re two different designs. So we have the people making these crunchy designs that are green and then you have, like, a dude in Paris who is like, 'Dahling, this is silk.' Two different design communities... Now we just need to do the same thing using sustainable materials."

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