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Rapper thinks there's always room for more choices of footwear so people can "express themselves".'s sneakers are for people who want to go to a club and "look fresh".

The rapper and his brother Carl Gilliam have launched high-end footwear range MCCVIII together, named after the address of their childhood home. will thinks the label stands out from other shoes on the marketplace thanks to what the duo want to achieve with their offerings.

"There are so many people in the world, there should be more than 20 brands giving you a selection," he told Britain's Time Out London magazine. "There's always room to add more options for folks to express themselves and rock their individuality. These aren't shoes for playing tennis in. If you want to run a marathon, go get some running shoes. If you want to go to a club and look fresh, you get come MCCVIIIs."

Carl agrees with his brother, and the siblings want their line to be viewed as its own brand rather than linked to will's celebrity status. The music star's thought process is why collaborate with a brand when you can create one, and Carl feels the family touch only adds to this.

And it really was a family venture, as the men's mother gave a lot of feedback during the designing stage. As Carl lives next door to their mum, there was no avoiding her when formulating the final looks for the footwear.

So far, MCCVIII (pronounced twelve-oh-eight) boasts one model, the Pharaoh, which comes in different fits. Carl was behind the stylish design and wanted to pay homage to the Clarks Wallabee shoe with the finished look.

"People be rocking Wallabees but they ain't seen sneaker Wallabees. Usually, Wallabees are substitutes for sneakers that's a bit dressy," will previously explained to WWD. "But they not dress shoes; you never saw a sneaker like that. So Carl flipped the Wallabees into a sneaker and it looks funky fresh."

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