Belfast Telegraph's passionate eyewear range's new eyewear line has launched today, with the star featuring in a slick video advertising the new range.

The Black Eyed Peas singer is well known for his quirky fashion sense, and has always been a big fan of eye accessories.

His eyewear line ill.i Optics launches today, which has been inspired by the 1980s hip hop scene and also memorable moments from will's earlier days.

"There are many ways to go about having a line of glasses out there, but this way is the most honest, and shows the dedication and passion when it’s your own," will explained in a promotional video for the range.

He collaborated with Australian designer George Gorrow on the line, which is available from stockists worldwide.

The slick black and white video that goes with the launch showcases many of the new shades. will also features predominantly in the ad, explaining his thought process.

"When you fund and design something yourself you give birth to something that's an extension of you," he states.

A heavy dance track plays over the video, and will is shot trying on a futuristic looking pair of shades.

"This is my instalment in what I feel is missing in eyewear," he adds.

"Style is how you flaunt. It's expression, your style of how your feeling and allowing other people's creativity to come close to what you feel like."

will previously spoke about his desire to marry retro with futuristic trends on his new collection, as he thinks modern glasses are missing the vintage vibe people used to rock.

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