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Winehouse toughened by liner

Amy Winehouse could only be herself when she had her make-up on.

The Back to Black singer passed away in 2011 aged 27 and left her own stamp on the world of fashion. In every music video and during her public appearances she rocked think black eyeliner flicked out at the sides, along with her iconic beehive hair-do.

Amy's former stylist Naomi Perry remembers how the soul legend would always ensure she had the look perfected before venturing out.

"It was her armour. No matter what, she'd have the thick black eyeliner on and the beehive pinned in place," she explained to British magazine Grazia magazine. "She'd feel uncomfortable without it. Once it was on, she could be herself."

Her death came as a shock to the world. With her strong vocals and bold style, Amy not only went down in history for her music but also her fashion sense.

"Amy was so proud to see people emulating her style. She'd love that she's still a huge influence today," Naomi smiled. "She was a style icon - and she'll remain that way."

The stylist feels honoured to have worked with such a creative person and will never forget the memories they shared. She also feels she wouldn't be where she is today if it wasn't for the Rehab singer.

"It makes me very proud. I always felt so lucky to be working with someone I respected creatively and who was such a good friend," she gushed. "I'm so grateful for all the memories she gave me. I owe her a lot."

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