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Winehouse wore built-in Spanx

Amy Winehouse eventually had to have dresses specially made as it was so hard to find the '50s pieces she so loved.

The British singer was 27 when she died in 2011, but despite her young age was considered a style icon. Her beehive hair and penchant for '50s-style dresses was renowned, with her stylist Naomi Parry discussing how they crafted her look.

"When we first met she was more rockabilly. So we decided to incorporate her day look of Fred Perry polo shirts, shorts, vests and bras into her stage image. Eventually the style really became hers and her trademark looks evolved organically," she told British magazine Grazia.

"Eventually I had dresses made for her as it was becoming difficult to source short, tight '50s and '60s style dresses. We had to have a Spanx-style dress built into them because she loved frilly French knickers so much - they don't fit so nicely under a skin-tight dress."

Although her look appeared high maintenance, Amy was able to get ready in under an hour.

Naomi cites the fluorescent yellow Preen dress the singer wore to the 2006 BRIT Awards as her favourite look. The neon hue was perfect for the star, who favoured bold colours and figure-hugging styles.

Amy was also known for her hair, specifically her towering beehive. She apparently was fully aware of how vital it was to her image, although she did consider a drastic overhaul at one point.

"We bonded over backcombing. One night, shortly after we'd been introduced by mutual friends, we both ended up stood in front of a mirror, furiously backcombing our long hair. Hers got bigger each time I saw her," Naomi laughed.

"Before she died, Amy had a moment where she was thinking of changing her hair. She was talking about getting a fringe - or a bob. It lasted about ten seconds - she wouldn't have been Amy without the beehive. I think she was aware of that."

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