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Wiz Khalifa’s intercontinental fashion mind

Wiz Khalifa is so serious about style, he thinks being in the same clothes all day is a fashion crime.

The 27-year-old Black and Yellow rapper has parents in the military, which means he lived around the world before settling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during his teens.

As a youth, Wiz was exposed to the way kids in other countries dressed, which he admits had a drastic influence on his entire outlook on fashion.

“I lived in Japan when I was 13. I hung out with the Filipino kids and they wore wide-leg JNCO jeans and dyed their hair,” he recalled in an interview with Billboard. “Then, when I lived in Oklahoma during middle school, I was around a lot of Mexicans and skaters -- that's where the Americana style came from, the Dickies and the Levi's and the Chucks or Vans. Travelling definitely opened my mind. It put me in different groups of people where I was able to blend in."

Wiz has become something of a fashion icon over the past few years, thanks to his eclectic sense of style.

He is so serious about dressing well that wearing the same clothes all day feels criminal to him.

"When you take your clothing serious, you have different looks throughout the day,” he noted. “Nobody wants to be lying around in the same clothes all day. It's not about competing or putting on the tightest sh*t or the best sh*t; it's about matching your moods throughout the day."

Wiz, real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz, thinks fashion is an amazing form of creative expression.

The hip hop star always wants to surprise people with what he wears.

"I want to be setting trends and doing things that people don't expect," Wiz said. “A lot of the time it might look like I'm going out of my way or being crazy, but really, I sometimes wake up with a vision of what I want to wear, and I'll do whatever I have to do to achieve that. I want to be as comfortable as possible, and also wear brands that I enjoy.”

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