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Xtina: I want milk bath

Christina Aguilera thinks she needs to step up her celebrity pampering routine.

The singer is known for looking preened and gorgeous on the red carpet.

While she insists she doesn’t have any Hollywood bathroom habits, there is one A-list treat she’d like to try in her beauty routine.

“Fantastic idea! But no, I’ve never tried that,” she laughed to the German edition of Cosmopolitan when asked if she bathes in milk.

“It would be worth a try though… I love spa treatments. My favourite thing is having someone massage my scalp when I’m having my hair washed.”

Christina admits that every now and again she likes to indulge herself with a glass of champagne in the bath.

However, the rest of her pampering routine is pretty normal.

“It’s not just about washing yourself, it’s also about pampering your soul,” she smiled when asked about bubble baths.

“For us women, it’s important to take some time out and relax. That’s something I do best in the bath. I like being in the bathroom in general. That’s where I have time to do my make-up, my hair, waxing; you know… girls’ stuff!”

As the bathroom is such an important place for the singer, she is in the process of changing that area of her house.

She gave a detailed description of what it will look like when complete.

“At the moment it’s not quite the way I want it to be,” she admitted.

“I’m in the process of remodelling. It will have heated wooden flooring and a waterfall shower with a massage table underneath it. I am a haptic person, so everything needs to be soft – the towels, the floor and even the water.”

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