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YSL movie boasts ‘fragile’ costumes

Costume designer Madeline Fontaine has opened up about creating the looks for the Yves Saint Laurent film.

The French actor embodies the iconic fashion star in the upcoming biopic movie, which follows his rise to fame from 1958.

Costume designer Madeline Fontaine was in charge of capturing the clothes of the era and bringing Yves’ style to life. She learnt a lot about him while choosing pieces for Pierre to wear.

“[From dressing Pierre] I learnt about the strength and fragility of his creativity. I felt [Yves had] a very delicate sensibility. When it came to his work he was dressing women with a degree of respect and tenderness that was rare at the time. That was his talent,” she told

“I'm not sure I had a favourite [costume] - I tried to be as fair as possible in what he was wearing! I was very influenced by what I saw… in books about Yves and I liked how, like all creators, he was constantly looking around himself for ideas to use in his own fashion. He dared to dress differently by wearing pullovers under jackets or growing his hair long and challenged what men saw as elegant.”

Madeline’s task also required dressing the rest of the cast, including Guillaume Gallienne who plays Yves’ lover Pierre Bergé. She found pulling all of the looks together and making them look natural a test.

“One thing was that the other characters surrounding Saint Laurent in the film are people known by the public back then and now - people already have a preconception of what they will be like,” she explained.

“However the real challenge is that it's a film about couture - something very special, very elegant and, more than that, crossing 20 years. That evolution needed to be fluid and credible in the costumes - especially with characters that were seen as the pinnacle of elegance in each decade.”

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