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Zac Efron put off by scalp

Zac Efron found it weird that he could "feel his scalp" when he shaved his head.

The actor had to shear his locks for his latest movie The Lucky One, in which he plays a marine called Logan Thibault who starts searching for the mystery woman he thinks helped him through three tours of Iraq.

Previously Zac was renowned for his floppy tresses, so his new look took some getting used to.

"There was something really liberating about it, but at the same time it felt really weird because I could feel my scalp. If felt like a total transformation," he laughed.

The star also had to beef up for the role. He needed to look muscley and tough, which meant a strict diet and exercise regime.

Zac was amazed by how much effort it took him to get rippling biceps.

"It was one of the hardest things I've ever done," he told Look magazine. "You're supposed to eat a meal every two hours, but I wasn't finishing my first meal and then I'd have to start again an hour later. By the end of it I'd gained 16lbs. of muscle in six months."

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