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Zandra Rhodes: I model my clothes

Zandra Rhodes says designer clothes need to be tested on a "real body".

The British fashion design likes to try out all her garments on her own short, womanly figure before she puts them in to production.

Zandra believes that outfits need to look good on everyone, not just models.

"I've always experimented on myself," she told WWD. "A model can make a sack look good. If it doesn't look good on a real body there's going to be a problem."

Zandra has a unique design process, which begins with painting or drawing part of a print and then bringing it together.

She then pulls the paper round herself to decide on the shape of the garment.

"The print dictates the dress cut, not the other way around," she declared.

Zandra has recently assembled a travelling exhibition entitled Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles, which is currently in San Diego.

She believes textile designers deserve more recognition for their hard work behind the scenes.

"If you see a fabulous Chanel suit in a beautiful weave on the runway, you can be sure Karl didn't design [the fabric]," she explained. "I'd like to see more credit given to textile designers for all their work done in the background."

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