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Zandra Rhodes sheds light on her Freddie Mercury designs

Zandra Rhodes' famous Freddie Mercury costume came about naturally.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Zandra Rhodes is surprised one of the outfits she designed for Freddie Mercury still gets brought up.

The pink-haired designer opened London Fashion Week earlier this month (Sep15) with a feminine show that took its inspiration from her vibrant hair.

Over the course of a nearly 50-year career, Zandra has dressed everyone from the late Queen frontman Freddie, to real royalty like the late Diana Princess of Wales. What gets remembered still surprises Zandra.

"It is funny, and some of the things reflect strangely, like for example, the outfit that I did for Freddie Mercury I did in 1973! And it’s still the one that’s always photographed. So I suppose I have to say isn’t that wonderful?" Zandra smiled to Hunger magazine.

At the time Zandra first worked with Freddie, Queen hadn't begun their rock domination yet. Despite not being a fully-fledged star in that moment, the Zandra outfit Freddie wore has become iconic; a white cape top that made the singer look almost angelic.

The look is also reflective of Zandra's designs, which are completely unique and strong.

"Half of it is I design something, and if I get someone wanting it, that leads to the next thing. Like I get a phone call from Freddie Mercury, and make the clothes. But he wasn’t famous in quite the same way, so I did it quite naturally. And then something happened from it. So in just the same way, it’s wonderful when you suddenly see someone wearing something, and you think, 'Oh, well that’s another person that believed in it!' Well I hope that’s going to happen totally with this collection [S/S 16]," she revealed.

Zara often gets asked for one of her retro creations by those attending the Oscars.

"Half of me says, 'Why don’t you want a new one?', but then you’ve just got to say, ‘Does it really matter?' If they want the historical one, that’s a great thing," she added.

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