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Zendaya shares style icons

Zendaya admires people who wear whatever they want.

The 18-year-old actress made waves on the Oscar's carpet last month when she decided to team her gorgeous cream gown with dreadlocks.

She's not afraid to push the boundaries with her looks and admires others who don't take notice of what people say.

"Style-wise, I look up to people who like to do their own thing, people who march to the beat of their own drum, who dress for themselves and just don’t care," she told StyleCaster.

"I am inspired by those kind of people. My dad is my style icon. Madonna is my style icon. And Erykah Badu."

The young star showed this strong will when she publicly fought her corner after Fashion Police's Giuliana Rancic slammed her dreads. She even managed to get an apology out of the outspoken TV personality.

Zendaya doesn't just look fabulous in professional pictures - she also takes a great selfie. Luckily she shared her best tips with fans.

"Lighting, people - always find good lighting! Face toward the window, unless you want to be backlit. Find your angles. Take some time one day, look in the mirror, and look at the different angles of your face," she advised.

"Embrace which one you like the best, so find your sweet spot. And pick the right filters. Don’t go crazy and bump up the exposure so much, or you’ll become a blob. People want to see your face - you’re beautiful. Find the right filters to enhance what you have going on."

She added that she often takes up to 50 pictures before finding one she's happy with.

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