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Zoe Saldana: Balmain is drama

Zoe Saldana loves Balmain for its "dramatic" designs.

The actress has been seen in a variety of futuristic frocks by the designer label during her recent promotional activities for the new Star Trek movie.

Zoe's fashion inspiration actually comes from the past rather than the future, and she has named her grandmother as her style icon.

"Balmain [is my favourite]. It's just dramatic," she told UK magazine Look. "My grandmother arrived in New York in the '60s and worked in sewing factories and also for design houses. I don't see it as, 'Oh my God this is so cool because it's the latest' - that to me is superficial. [I have a] respect for fabrics, buttons, embroidery, sewing, seams, shoes, colours and textures. I'll never lose sight of that because I see my grandma in all of them."

Since she has found fame, it's been comments about her weight that the star has found most ludicrous. In particular it is how reading these things affects her mother that riles Zoe the most.

"The one thing that bothered my mum was how people were so obsessed with my weight. She calls herself an owl because owls are really aggressive with their chicks. She protests about it but it's not like I'm unfazed. I'm just like [shrugs her shoulders], like the French do," she explained. "By the time they go, 'You look tired', I'm like, 'Oh really, OK. That's your opinion, it doesn't affect me.'"

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