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Zoey Deutch gives styling tips

Zoey Deutch has learnt that not all clothes look good on camera and takes pictures of her clothes to check they photograph well.

The American actress rocked a maroon dress with a black tassled neckline at the Marc by Marc Jacobs fall collection showcase in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Opening up about her personal style, the Vampire Academy star admits she's been picking her own wardrobe recently and relishes the challenge of dressing herself.

"I’ve been styling myself for a couple months, and it’s been really cool because I’m learning more about what looks good on me, what I like. And I found so many pieces that I loved from Marc Jacobs so it was hard to choose. I felt like it was casual enough, but really detailed and chic," Zoey told WWD.

"I’ve learned a lot of the times, things that look good in person aren’t necessarily things that photograph as well. Like black looks great in person. Black doesn’t really translate a lot of the times in photos. I’ve learned you have to take pictures before you go and kind of check out all your options. Try to look at the options first.”

Dead Sara singer Emily Armstrong was also in attendance, and couldn't help but gush about the lauded fashion house.

She particularly likes the direction designers Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier are taking the brand in and is a regular in Marc by Marc Jacobs shops.

“When you go into the stores you can find anything for anybody. That’s what’s great. They’ve got new designers. They’re doing a great job. You can pick and choose for your individuality and that’s one thing that’s great with fashion and music. I’ve kind of figured it out throughout the year.

"You’re performing the same songs every night. It’s the fashion that gives it something new every night, that confidence. You come up with something new because you’re singing the same f**king songs," Emily laughed.

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