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Zooey and Tommy's vintage line

Zooey Deschanel and Tommy Hilfiger went for a '60s vibe because "it keeps coming back".

The New Girl star has teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger to create a line of quirky apparel and accessories. Tommy revealed why he and the actress chose to use red, white and blue as the main colours and focus on '60s-style pieces.

"In fashion, that look constantly comes back," Tommy explained to the latest edition of UK magazine Glamour. "The shapes and colours are fun and interesting. And they always will be."

The To Tommy, From Zooey line includes a simple navy dress with a cute polka-dot twist and a boxy blue-and-red bag with a chain handle. They used some of Hollywood's biggest icons as inspiration for the collection.

"We based the collection on vintage looks that maybe Audrey Hepburn or Jean Shrimpton would wear," Tommy continued. "Zooey took a look at the sketches and started calling them mod-ical [due to the nautical feel]."

On hit comedy New Girl, the 34-year-old plays quirky Jess, who is known for her girly onscreen outfits. The actress' love of clothing came about when she couldn't always buy new pieces and decided to make them herself.

"My parents wouldn't let me buy clothes willy-nilly. We'd get new clothes maybe twice a year, so I started making them myself," she recalled. "I remember taking fabric my mum had used to make a Christmas stocking, but I made a red dress with it for a friend's party."

Tommy and Zooey met at a mutual friend's house in Santa Monica a while ago and Tommy remembers how they immediately bonded over clothing.

"She was wearing this vintage jumpsuit," he told WWD. "I complimented her on it, and she told me how she loved vintage. Somehow, the conversation went from loving vintage to possibly doing a capsule collection with her."

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