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Zooey Deschanel: I dressed like a princess

Zooey Deschanel has recalled dressing as a "princess" to do her homework.

The stunning actress is famed for her love of quirky style, which started in her younger years. Zooey's signature look stemmed from her fascination with teaming vintage items with fantasy-inspired pieces.

"I dressed as a princess to do my homework. I recently found such a funny picture of me from when I was 15. I would go shopping for vintage clothes, and I once bought this really pretty, but giant, 1950s pink prom dress," she revealed in the March edition of Company magazine.

"I was wearing that with a tiara in my bedroom, at my computer, dressed like a princess just to do my homework."

Zooey loves donning dresses and skirts but doesn't own many pairs of jeans or trousers. The raven-haired star feels more comfortable embracing her feminine side.

"As a kid, I refused to wear pants. I kind of still do. (We're talking trousers here, not knickers!) My mom and dad have always had great style and when I was a kid they just let me wear whatever I wanted," she said. "That was good for me, as I developed a sense of what I liked at a young age. When I was little, I only wanted to wear dresses, and not much has changed. I'll wear jeans sometimes for work, but I'm not really a jeans person."

Zooey loved to create customised pieces for her friends as a child. She has recalled a couple of occasions when her designs were appreciated by her peers.

"I once made my friend Molly, who needed to wear an eyepatch, a silver fashion one with a horse on it," she shared.

"Another friend and I made friendship skirts! We cut out two skirts of the same pattern and fabric. It was very cute."

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