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Zosia: Why I got the chop

Zosia Mamet cut all her hair off as it got so long it was strangling her.

The actress plays highly strung Shoshanna Shapiro in Lena Dunham’s hit show, which has just returned for its fourth season.

Zosia has undergone a real-life makeover, hacking off her long tresses and dying her hair a silvery-grey tint. In the show her hair remains brunette, but she still rocks the short look.

“No [the cut wasn’t for the role], I just really wanted to do it. I had long hair my whole life and my identity got really wrapped up in it,” Zosia told British magazine Grazia. “But I was getting to the point where it was so long, I would have to turn my hair over first in bed, because if I didn’t, it would, like, strangle me.

“So I asked if I could cut it. And I think it works really well for Shosh’s storyline – like, ‘I’ve graduated, now my hair is short.’”

When asked if she felt like she has been typecast since Girls launched in 2012, Zosia admits she finds it tough to get seen for some acting jobs.

Her alter ego is known for her girly style and youthful fashion choices. Away from the camera, the 26-year-old rocks a more laidback look; but neither of these is helping her bag vampy roles.

“No one wants you to play anything sexy. And I get it – I don’t think I am a person who walks into a room and screams sex. I am normally the one you are going to find in a weird ripped-up T-shirt and sweatpants and fur jacket.

“But the past couple of years have been an uphill battle to even be allowed to audition for things that are, like, just a girl with sex appeal. People are like, ‘But I’ve seen Girls.’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, but do you understand that I’m an actor?’” she sighed.

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