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Water selling for €45 a bottle in Dublin

It's the ultimate in designer water, it’s called ‘Bling H2O’ and it’s for sale in an Irish supermarket chain - for just €45 a bottle

Launched as part of Superquinn’s ‘World of Waters’ promotion, the designer water favoured by the stars is now on sale in 12 stores across Ireland.

Each 750ml bottle is hand-decorated with Swarovski crystals and is flown to Ireland from the US.

The designer brand is the brainchild of Hollywood screenwriter Kevin Boyd and it’s described as “couture water” fresh from Tennessee springs.

Superquinn say they are happy with the response they’ve had since they began selling Bling, according to beverage buyer John McLennan.

“We’ve had a fairly positive reaction. We’ve sold six bottles so far,” he said. “Most people buy it for the fun content.”

“They buy it for the craic, to have with friends around the dinner table. It’s a real talking point.”

Customers eyeing up the imported water were shocked by the price tag as our snapper discovered at the supermarket’s Blackrock store over the weekend.

“Would you look at this, €45 for a bottle of water? That’s f**ing ridiculous,” one shopper said.

Another said she wouldn’t buy the €44.99-a-bottle water and added: “I know someone very into their bling, but I don’t think even they’d go for that.”

While in tough economic times some may question if the average buyer can afford the €45 bottle price tag, Superquinn insist the item is just a bit of harmless fun for their customers.

“We bought it on the basis that it was fun and bubbly,” Mr McLennan said.

The bottles are kept under lock and key at Superquinn partly for security and also to protect the crystals that spell out the label’s name.

Water represents around 15pc of Superquinn’s total beverage sales and there are plans to roll out this product to more Superquinn stores in the future.

The ‘World of Waters’ promotion includes 20 different brands from Tibet, New Zealand, Canada, Holland and Poland.

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