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Cost Of Living: Finding a Window cleaner

Cleaning up: see clearly with pristine windows

Van Morrison started his career as a window cleaner, and no doubt the " working man in his prime" did a good, if untalkative job.

If you fancy regaining some sparkle in your windows after the January storms and rain, you could try Clear View.

The company was founded in Bangor as a millennial idea in 2000 by Richard Dorman and has grown into a business with five cleaners. The cleaners cover the Bangor and Holywood areas and would charge "£3.50 to £5 a go " to clean a regular three-bedroomed family home.

Mr Dorman recommends that you get your windows cleaned fortnightly if you live by the seaside "as they get dirtier a lot quicker" and once a month inland.

Asked about amusing window-cleaning anecdotes, he recalls starting on one house and realising the householder was scantily-clad and mowing the lawn. As a gentleman, he stopped cleaning and returned another time.

The amusingly-named Muggins, started four years ago, is run by Philip McLearnon in Belfast - and the firm now employs several cleaners. He's an experienced window cleaner, and does industrial work too, "including the Belfast tower blocks". In the business for 14 years, Philip reckons cleaning outside windows on a standard three-bedroomed house would cost " £6.50". The firm covers the whole of Belfast and beyond, and doesn't charge extra for travel. Philip normally cleans windows for his domestic clients fortnightly or monthly. In the recent bad weather, Muggins has been kept busy.

John Horner founded Regal Window Cleaners in October 1988 - "I've been in the business nearly 20 years and now have two employees to help".

He is based in Belfast and covers the whole of the city. Regal would charge " £15 to £25" to clean the outside of an average three-bedroomed house, partly because there's no standard job and as he says, "most people have conservatories now".

John Horner uses a squeegee and T-bar covered in sheepswool and will clean windows inside the house. "But that would double the cost." In the winter, Regal pay particular attention to the window frames. The recent weather has made business brisk, and John says he's looking forward to spring. He recommends domestic windows are cleaned monthly, but if a house is on a main road weekly.

  • Clear View, tel 07799 512087
  • Muggins, tel 028 9079 3373
  • Regal Window Cleaners 0708 721133.

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