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Just born: Aliya Skaggs

Proud mum: Emma Skaggs with her daughter Aliya
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" title="Proud mum: Emma Skaggs with her daughter Aliya

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Proud mum: Emma Skaggs with her daughter Aliya

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By John Mulgrew

Baby Aliya Skaggs came into the world at Altnagalvin Hospital in Londonderry last week — complete with a full head of jet-black hair.

Proud mum Emma Skaggs (21) had only been admitted to the hospital for a short time before she welcomed the birth of her second bundle of joy.

Little Aliya was born at 4.33am on November 16, weighing 6lbs 15oz.

Her new baby girl was born with a head of thick, black hair — in spite of both her and partner Gareth having fair hair. “She has a big, massive head of dark hair, which is strange because my partner’s is ginger and I’m blonde,” she said.

The pair, now living in Strathfoyle in Derry, are finally glad to be home.

“We are just glad to be back, getting back into the routine and settled in. Aliya has been great — sleeping and eating well,” said Emma.

The mother-of-two said her other daughter Brihanna (2) has already been helping out with the new arrival.

“She’s really trying to help out with her wee sister; helping changing nappies and everything else. She’s just been great,” she said. “Everybody’s been visiting and she’s been really pampered.”

Emma added her brief stay at Altnagalvin’s maternity unit had been fantastic.

“The staff were great, really can’t complain,” she said.

“This time was much easier — it was four hours the last time, so definitely easier this time around.”

Emma said Gareth (23) will now be enjoying a fortnight away from the office and spending time with his new baby.

“He’s got two weeks off work, so I think he’s happy about that,” she said. “We’ve had the family and friends coming around. They are always up and around to see her and it’s been great.”

As for the future, Emma has said she plans on waiting at least a few more years before adding to her young family.

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