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Friday 18 April 2014

Just Born: Elliot and Evie McClenaghan

A very proud Judith and Steven McClenaghan with their twins, Elliot and Evie.

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Steven and Judith McClenaghan, from Co Down, have a double celebration on their hands as they are now the proud parents of newborn twins.

The truck driver and catering assistant from Portavogie, both 31, are celebrating the birth of their son and daughter, Elliot and Evie.

The beautiful baby boy and girl arrived in the world on Monday, September 10 at the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald.

Little Elliot was born at 3.18pm, weighing 6lbs 11oz, and it wasn’t long before Evie made her appearance.

She was delivered 11 minutes later, at 3.29pm, weighing 5lbs 3oz.

Both healthy babies have a full head of hair, something their doting mum has quite an unusual explanation for.

“My pregnancy was dead on,” Judith said.

“It was a relatively easy pregnancy, considering it was twins.

“My granny used to say, if you have heartburn during pregnancy your baby will have a full head of hair.

“I did — and they do!

“I was so tired after they were

born, I could have slept. Their daddy was over the Moon.”

The McClenaghans have two other children, Brody (2) and Mya (8), who are looking forward to spending time with their new brother and sister.

“They can’t wait to get them home,” Judith added. “They are very excited.

“Brody is only two, so his nose is a wee bit out of joint. But with Mya being that bit older, she is delighted.

“Mya has been acting out the mother role with them, so nobody else can get a nurse.”

Proud dad Steven, who picked the twins’ names, was beaming from ear to ear when the Belfast Telegraph visited the Ulster Hospital.

“They are brilliant,” he said.

“I think they look like Brody.”

It’s early days, but Judith says managing life with two young children and two newborns has been easy enough so far, as Steven is a hands-on dad.

“Juggling everybody is not too bad,” she said.

“It takes no length of time to feed Elliot and Evie.

“Both of us here helps. Steven has been getting up with me at night. He takes one and I take the other, so it's not a double load.”

Judith praised the staff at the Ulster Hospital for their high standard of care.

“The staff have been really good,” Judith said. “I’ve had all my babies at the Ulster.”

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