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Saturday 19 April 2014

Just Married: Ciara McIlwee and Brian Creighton have a perfect day

The Wedding of Ciara McIlwee and Brian Creighton which took place at St MacNissis Parish church in Randalstown and later at The Red Castle Hotel County Donegal. Photography By John Murphy Aurora Photographic Agency.

Ciara and Brian Creighton, from Randalstown, fell in love in 2006 after meeting on a night out in Magherafelt with friends. "We were texting each other and then finally met up on Christmas Day," Ciara said. "He lived in the field across from my aunt. He's quite funny, he's always making me laugh.

"I'm laid back and he likes getting things done."

They became engaged in March 2012 in Rossgall, Donegal.

"We were down on the beach having a picnic," Ciara said.

"My grandparents have a mobile home down there and he knows it's my favourite place. There was nobody else on the beach. It was great."

Ciara and Brian married at St Macnissi's Church in Randalstown.

"The service was fantastic," Ciara added. "I was so nervous. It was a gorgeous day."

A reception followed at Redcastle Hotel in Co Donegal where the couple's first dance was to There You'll Be by Faith Hill. The couple honeymooned in Orlando.

"It was our first holiday together," Ciara said. "I'm such a child at heart. We spent time at Disney and swam with dolphins."

They are enjoying married life. "It's great," Ciara added. "It is a lovely feeling to be married. We had such a great wedding day."

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