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Belfast Motor Show: Why I'm positively purring at prospect of so many things that go brrrmm

By Colin O'Carroll

It will be pedal to the metal for me heading down to the Belfast Motor Show this weekend.

As a lover of all things that go brrrmm, it's great to see the return of a big car show to Northern Ireland and hard to believe there hasn't been one here for more than a decade.

Car shows are a chance for all kinds of drivers – from customisers to boy racers, supercar freaks to Sunday drivers – to see what is out there, and for all of us to fantasise about taking the wheel of our dream car.

The global success of programmes like Top Gear and a myriad other niche programmes about vehicles of all kinds show that we are obsessed with motorised transport.

The show's organisers seem to have planned to appeal to the full spectrum of petrol heads – a term that may soon be slightly redundant as alternative power develops.

Hybrid-head or volt-nut doesn't have quite the same ring but that's the way every manufacturer is headed, I fear. A big draw at the show will be the Nobel M600 supercar.

It's fast enough even to shut Jeremy Clarkson up for long enough to get out of earshot.

As a true insecure petrol head, at this stage I have to boast that I've got a bigger engine, though I don't think my venerable AMG 5.5litre V8 would stand a snowball's chance against this flame-spitting fury, but of course I still love it.

The organiser are planning a track day on Friday featuring the Noble for us media motoring types, so of course I naturally expect them to send it round to pick me up.

As my first love is motorcycles, I'll also be looking forward to seeing Maria Costello, the first woman racer to take a podium place at the Isle of Man TT. It doesn't hurt that she is also a damn sight easier to look at than that Clarkson fella.

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