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Friday 18 April 2014

Coalition Government to ‘end war on motorists’

Philip Hammond, the new Transport Secretary, claimed yesterday that the coalition Government would “end the war on motorists”.

He promised there would be no road-user charging for existing roads and the Government would consult on a measure to try to keep petrol prices down if oil prices rise.

Speaking at London’s Department for Transport, Mr Hammond said: “We will end the war on motorists.

“Motoring has got to get greener but the car is not going to go away.”

He stressed the Government would abide by a Tory manifesto promise not to fund any more fixed-position speed cameras, although local authorities could fund them if they had the money.

While ruling out road user charging for existing roads, Mr Hammond said tolls on new roads might be introduced.

He added that there would be consultation on a “fair fuel stabiliser” which could ensure that fuel duty is reduced when world oil prices go up.

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