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Five reasons to buy a hybrid car


Hybrid cars have a number of benefits. Yet, despite this, a lot of people are put off by what they see as an expensive product.

Whilst a hybrid can cost marginally more than its petrol counterpart, there are plenty of benefits that more than make up for this. Here are five reasons to buy a green car.

Cut fuel costs

First of all, the hybrid nature of these cars means that less fuel is being used. As a result, the fuel you have lasts longer. This means you save money, thanks to the alternative power source in a hybrid car.

This is probably the main reason to invest in a hybrid car. The higher initial cost is off-set with constant savings thereafter; making a hybrid car a practical investment.

Cheaper insurance

Many insurance companies also offer bonuses for driving a green car, which includes hybrids. Your insurance will work out cheaper than with a regular car. Combining this with low fuel costs, it’s easy to see how you could save a lot of money by driving a hybrid, provided you take the time to investigate your insurance options.

On top of this, new car deals are available on these vehicles so you can reduce the initial costs of buying the vehicles too.

Environmentally friendly

If you’re conscious about the environment, then driving a hybrid car gives you one less thing to worry about. Hybrid cars are quite green; they reduce the amount of fuel used which in turn reduces any environmentally harmful emissions.

It is also worth noting that the environmentally friendly aspect has an added bonus in London. Any car which emits under 100g/km² of emissions is 100% exempt from the congestion charge. If you live in London, this saves £10 on driving costs each day and has made eco-friendly vehicles, such as the Honda Jazz Si, incredibly popular.

Tax incentives

For cars registered from 2001 and afterwards, car tax is often determined by many factors, notably CO2 emissions. The more your car emits, the higher the tax rate you can expect to pay will be.

To this end, it makes sense to drive a hybrid car. The lower emissions help to reduce costs. Since it has already been demonstrated that you can cut costs thanks to fuel consumption and congestion charges, the addition of tax breaks further demonstrates how financially beneficial a hybrid can become.

Furthermore, with the government occasionally trying to increase car taxes in the form of VED, or Vehicle Excise Duty, on car emissions, it makes sense to invest in a car that's at the lower end of this spectrum.

An efficient and reliable drive

There is a certain stigma attached to hybrids that suggests they don't perform well. However, hybrids still use a minimal amount of fuel to ensure that they do. This means that more power-consuming aspects of driving, such as acceleration, can still be achieved. This ensures that electric power maintains the car when it can, yet the use of fuel allows for all the functionality and driving capabilities of a standard car.

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