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Friday 4 September 2015

Recipe: Chocolate ganache hazelnut mousse

Published 18/01/2013

Chocolate ganache hazelnut mousse
Chocolate ganache hazelnut mousse

Galgorm Resort head chef Chris Bell serves up some great recipes to brighten up these gloomy January days.

What you'll need

For the chocolate ganache

180ml milk

180ml cream

65g yolks

65g sugar

220g dark chocolate

For the hazelnut mousse

200g cream cheese

80g icing sugar

50ml cream

50g hazelnut paste

Boil milk and cream. Whisk yolks and sugar.

Pour milk and cream over yolks and sugar. Cook out on heat until thick. Pour over melted chocolate. Blitz and set. To make the mousse, simply beat ingredients together until smooth.

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