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I just don’t trust my daughter’s latest boyfriend

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My daughter’s boyfriend is 15 years older than her and I just don’t trust him.

She’s 32 and I think she’s worrying she won’t find anyone else rather than being sensible about him.

He’s trying to persuade her to buy a house with him but tells her that although he has plenty of money, he already owns a house in his home country, so can’t afford one here.

How do I find out the truth and save my daughter from making a dreadful mistake? HB


How much of your mistrust of this man is based on the fact that he is a lot older than your daughter?

Try talking to your daughter about her feelings rather than your suspicions.

Talk to her boyfriend and, if you can, his parents.

If you were to be more open with them, they might open up to you and you might get more information.

Do encourage her to formalise any property arrangements with a solicitor — a sensible precaution for joint owners — in case anything goes wrong.

At the end of the day, though, she's an adult and if she's making a mistake, you can't prevent her.

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