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I'm worried about my lazy ex-partner

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For five years I lived with an incredibly lazy man.

He expected me to do everything around the house, even manage all the finances, and although I loved him, it was too much and we split up.

We’re still friends, and now he’s living with a much older woman who does everything for him.

He doesn’t have a job and I’m worried that he’s going to wreck his life as he seems content to just be a slob.

But what can I do? FC


You couldn’t change him when you lived together, so what makes you think you can change him now?

He’s decided he wants a mother rather than a partner and I feel you may just have to let him be the master of his own destiny.

Do you still care for him, though?

It rather sounds like it and. if so, I think you should be careful.

He doesn’t sound like the kind of person with whom you could find lasting happiness or a rewarding relationship.

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