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My neighbour is harassing me

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I am being harassed by the man next door.

He’s always making lewd suggestions or sneaking up on me and trying to grab me.

I’m new to the area and don’t want to make a fuss.

I’ve threatened to tell his wife, but he just shrugs this off and carries on.

I don’t want to start making trouble in the street so soon after moving in but this is upsetting. KL


He is causing you enough trouble so why shouldn’t he get some of it back?

I would say go to the police and complain, but I can understand you might be worried about that.

Have you tried completely ignoring him, avoiding eye contact and freezing him out?

Try not to enter into any conversation with him.

Meanwhile, try to get to know your other neighbours as he’s probably tried this on with other people too.

If you can find a few other people he’s upset, then going to the police might be easier, especially if others will back you.

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