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Parents asking when I’ll settle down

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I’m 24 and quite happy being single. Once a fortnight I have a Sunday lunch with my parents and every time they bring up the question of when I am going to get married.

We end up having a row, and although I’ve asked them not to mention it again, they still do.

I don’t want to stop seeing them, but I don’t see that they are giving me any alternative. LS


If you don't want to row with your parents, just quietly get up and leave. I suggest you write to them — this may feel odd, as you see them regularly, but it helps to make the point.

Tell them how you feel about your life and why you're not interested in finding a partner at present. You certainly don't have to think about marriage at all if you don't want to.

Seeing it in black and white may make them realise you are serious.

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