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Why you should never flush that itsy-bitsy spider down the toilet

If you come face to face with a spider be kind. Resist the temptation to flush him down the toilet, says Clare Magill of Ballyclare.

"A spider in the house is a sign of happiness and prosperity. And if one drops on your shoulder from the ceiling you could be quids in," she says.

She doesn't explain what that means, but I take it she means the lottery, a winner at Newmarket or being remembered in a will.

There is an old Irish legend that the webs and bodies of spiders figure in traditional cures. For example, if you suffer from a bad cough, jaundice or boils, a cure is to wear a dead spider in a matchbox round your neck until you are better.

You'll look a bit odd out shopping or at church, but who cares if your health is restored.

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