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Blind transsexual admits harassing carer

Published 15/10/2008

A blind woman seeking a sex change has admitted harassing a support worker by sending her an email describing “violent visions and fantasies”, it has emerged.

Jayden Whittal (19), has also pleaded guilty to breach of an injunction and is due to be sentenced next month, lawyers confirmed.

Details emerged as a High Court judge refused to readmit her to bail after she broke an order to stay with a woman in Cookstown, Co Tyrone who was prepared to care for her.

Prosecutors said the victim of Whittal’s harassment was a woman who helped her while she was staying at a centre for the blind in England.

The court heard how the defendant, who changed her name by deed poll and wants to be considered a male despite not yet undergoing trans-gender surgery, was then known as Kim Williams.

Crown counsel Fiona O’Kane said that after Whittall moved to Northern Ireland — where she lived in hostels — she was subjected to a restraining order following the appearance of pictures on the Bebo social networking website.

The victim discovered images of herself and her children on the site, along with another where her partner’s head was removed and replaced by that of Whittal, the court heard.

Another picture captioned ‘Happy now’ showed someone’s arm and leg with the woman’s name engraved on them.

Despite the restraining order the defendant contacted the victim by email in June, leading to the current charges against her.

Whittal, who has no family in Northern Ireland, was granted bail last month but ordered to stay with a woman in Cookstown.

But Ms O’Kane said that almost immediately after she was released, the defendant made arrangements for private rental accommodation in another part of the town.

It was also disclosed that Whittall cut her wrist earlier this month in an apparent suicide attempt.

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