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Bloody Sunday Saville Report will be seen ‘within days’

Published 05/03/2010

Scenes from 'Bloody Sunday' in Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Scenes from 'Bloody Sunday' in Londonderry, Northern Ireland
A man receiving attention during the shooting incident in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, which became known as Bloody Sunday, January 31, 1972.
Fr Daly waving a bloody handkerchief as he and several others carry the fatally wounded Jackie Duddy, 17, past British soldiers on January 30, 1972, known as Bloody Sunday. Picture by Stanley Matchett
A youth is arrested at gunpoint by a Paratrooper in Derry on Bloody Sunday Picture by Fred Hoare

The families of the Bloody Sunday victims will see the Saville Report within days after the Secretary of State, Sean Woodward so that there would be “no time for leaks or spins”.

Mr Woodward met with representatives of the families of the victims, as well as Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness and SDLP MLA Mark Durkan in Londonderry last night where he explained that he was unable to let the families see the report as soon as he himself receives it, citing legal reasons as the cause.

He said: “I will get the report to the families and the other parties as soon as possible so there will be no time for leaks or spin, but for security and legal reasons I, and my team of solicitors must see it first.

“I respect the families enormously. They have been through a hell of a lot over the years.”

However, as Mr Woodward left the hotel where the meeting was held he was met by a very vocal group of relatives all wearing T-shirts with the Bloody Sunday Campaign slogan ‘Set the Truth Free’. Linda Nash, whose brother was shot on Bloody Sunday challenged Mr Woodward, demanding that the families see the report as soon as he had it .

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