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Caroline McElhill’s 999 plea

Published 21/10/2009

Caroline McElhill
Caroline McElhill
Clodagh McElhill
Sean McElhill, (7)
James McElhill (10 months)
Bellina McElhill, (4 )
Lorraine McGovern
Forensics experts examine a childrens' bedroom with burnt bunk beds clearly visible, in the house of death in Omagh where seven people died.
Arthur McElhill murdered his family in Omagh
Forensics experts examine a bedroom wit burnt bunk beds clearly visible, in the house of death in Omagh where seven people died.
Arthur McElhill's father Charlie leaves Omagh court today.
Arthur McElhill's mother Patricia leaves Omagh court today.
John McGlynn (left) and his brother Mark, neighbour of the McElhill's who placed a ladder against the McElhill house and tried to help, and Mark's girlfriend Kellie Hunter leaving Omagh Courthouse this afternoon.
Firefighters and senior officers leaving Omagh Courthouse at the inquest into the deaths of a family of seven in a fire in Omagh
Teresa McGovern, mother of Lorraine McGovern, leaving Omagh Courthouse
A family photograph of Lorraine and Arthur McElhill, with (from left) baby James (10 months), Belina (4), Caroline (13), Sean (7) and Clodagh (one and half years
An unidentified member the McElhill family carries nine-month-old baby James' coffin, for burial after requiem mass at the Sacred Heart church in Omagh. December 1, 2007
Lorraine McGovern (left) and Arthur McElhill with their five children, (L-R) Clodagh, 19 months, Caroline, 13, Bellina, four, Sean, seven, and James, nine months, who all died in a house fire in Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Operator: Which service? Caroline: Help me

(A voice in background screams ‘help’)

Operator: Do you need fire, police or ambulance?

Caroline: (Inaudible) service

Caroline: My eyes is (inaudible)

Caroline: I’m burning run

Caroline: He(lp), help

Operator: Connecting you to the fire service

Caroline: He’s k...(inaudible) us

Caroline: Omagh, Lammy Crescent our home help

Operator: Can you get out?

(No further response from caller)

Operator: Can you hear me?

Operator: Can you leave the house?

Operator: Are you in Lammy Crescent, Omagh?

(A scream is heard in background)

Operator: Hello, fire service here, are you in Omagh?

Operator: Hello, hello fire service here.

Operator: Can anybody hear me?

Operator: Can someone speak to me please?

Operator: Can you hear me?

Operator: Pick up the phone

(Another scream is heard)

Operator: Whereabouts are you, can you hear me?

(A gasping noise is heard)

Operator: Are you in the bedroom?

(A smashing noise is heard)

Operator: Can you close the door between you and the fire?

Operator: If you are at 4 Lammy Crescent we have someone on the way to you.

Operator: Can you hear me?

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