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Thursday 26 November 2015

St Catherine’s College

Published 22/02/2010

St Catherine's Armagh
St Catherine's Armagh
St Catherine's Armagh

Alphabiters. Our new design is for a healthy crisp, made for multi pack. It is called Alphabiters (study Fuel) because it includes letters from the alphabet- ABC.

Our three new flavours are- spicy bolognese/ champy cheese and bacon and cheese.

Our primary audience are teenagers and all young people through are funky new packet and the class new flavours we have designed. On the back of our design we will have educational facts/ jokes/ word jumbles etc.

We believe there is a gap in the market for this healthy and educational tasty snack

We will target mothers who are the primary buyers of multipacks in the supermarkets by stressing it is a healthy snack made from pellets, low in fat/ salt etc.

It will be made from pellets as our shapes are of the alphabet. We recognise that probably only ABC will be fees able to be produced.

We have researched our idea through two questionnaires we made.

One was for year 9 pupils and the other was for parents.

The parent’s questionnaire also helped us in the research of our new packet.

We believe that if Tayto was to make our new flavours and design that everyone would love them!!

Vote Alphabiters!!! Thank you! Students from St Catherine’s College.

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