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General Election 2015: Five things you can't do in a polling station

By Heather Saul

The polling stations are now open and some members of the public will have already cast their ballot in the 2015 general election. For anyone who has yet to vote, here are five things worth remembering when you turn up at your local station.

1. You can't talk about the party you are voting for once inside the station

Discussing politics inside the station is banned, so any heated political debates with friends or partners need to be taken outside.

2. You can't wear political clothing or don a rosette for the occasion

Voters should not wear clothes that are clearly affiliated with a party. On the upside, pyjamas are allowed.

3. You can’t take a picture of your ballot paper

Photographs must also not reveal how someone else has voted, the unique identification number on the ballot paper or any information “obtained in a polling station”. You could face a £5,000 fine and even a prison sentence for breaking this rule.

4. You can’t take a friend with you inside the polling booth

If you are disabled, have limited vision or for any other reason cannot vote on your own, a family member or friend may be allowed to accompany you.

5. You can’t sign your ballot paper

A signature with an identifiable name would be classed as the voter revealing their identity, contravening the rules of a secret ballot and rendering it rejected.

Visit the Electoral Commission's website for more guidance on voting at polling stations.

Source: Independent

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