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Paddy Ashdown calls the Tories 'b**tards' seven times in four minutes during un-dubbed BBC lunchtime broadcast

The fact it was before midday and being broadcast live on the BBC didn't dissuade Paddy Ashdown from using the word "b**tards" seven times in just four minutes.

The former Liberal Democrat leader’s colourful language was carefully deployed to illustrate what he thought of John Major’s earlier warning about the possibility of a Labour-SNP alliance following the General Election on 7 May.

The ex-Conservative Prime Minister claimed Ed Miliband would be subjected to ''a daily dose of political blackmail'' under such a deal.

However, Ashdown lamented him for glossing over his own time in office, during which Major referred to eurosceptic backbenchers who opposed his leadership in the 90s as “b**tards”.

“The Conservative Party today has not 16 b**tards, but 60 b**tards. Right-wingers who want to do a deal with Ukip,” he told the BBC’s assistant political editor Norman Smith.

“I believe we have as much to fear from the extreme right of the Conservative Party, from the 60 so called b**tards, Mr Major's phrase, not mine,“ he added.

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