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SNP on brink of major success with all but one Scottish seat

By Katrine Bussey

The SNP was set for a spectacular success with early predictions that the nationalists could win all but one of Scotland's 59 seats in the general election.

Derek Mackay, transport minister and SNP business convenor, told the BBC: "Talk about managing expectations...

"I think the SNP is probably going to have quite a good night. But 58 feels somewhat high on the optimistic side."

Mr Mackay told the BBC an anti-Tory majority could still be possible if the exit poll is borne out.

He suggested former Labour voters who voted yes in the independence referendum last year may have come over to the SNP.

SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie said he did not want to "tempt fate" by predicting how many seats his party would win "this late in the day".

He told the BBC: "Every single seat is different. I hope we have a good night. It has been a fantastic campaign.

"I hope we do well. I hope we meet that target of actually winning the election in Scotland."

Asked about the prospect of another independence referendum if Nicola Sturgeon's SNP does as well as predicted, he said: "There can only be a referendum when there has been a qualitative change in circumstances.

"We need to see a Westminster response."

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