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David Cameron in Northern Ireland: PM visits Belfast Game of Thrones set in whirlwind election campaign tour of UK

Prime Minister hits back at his predecessor Tony Blair, who said his plans for an EU referendum risked economic chaos

By Claire Cromie

David Cameron is in Northern Ireland today as he ramps up his election campaign with just a month to go until the polls open.

The Tory leader visited the set of Game of Thrones in Belfast's Titanic Quarter, where he told journalists that he is a fan of the hit HBO show and is "fully up to date" with the latest season.

The film set seemed an apt location, given that Northern Ireland's biggest party could end up being kingmakers in the event of a hung parliament. The DUP has eight MPs and could therefore decide who holds the balance of power in Westminster.

The Prime Minister is on a whirlwind tour of all the countries of the UK in one day. He began in Scotland, before heading for Northern Ireland, Wales then England.

Welfare deal

Speaking to reporters in Belfast, he said he is confident that Northern Ireland can get its stalled welfare deal back on the road.

Mr Cameron said the public wanted their leaders to come together and resolve the fall out over the Stormont House Agreement, which was signed just before Christmas between the five main parties and facilitated by the British and Irish governments.

He added: "It is stalled but I am confident that we will get the show back on the road.

"It was a very long and hard negotiation and full credit to (Northern Ireland Secretary) Theresa Villiers for the amazing work she did as part of that."

Tony Blair

Mr Cameron accused Tony Blair of not "trusting" the British people after the former prime minister lashed out at his plans for an EU referendum.

He hit back at suggestions he is risking the stability of the country in order to appease Ukip.

"I think Tony Blair is wrong. I want changes in Europe but then, unlike Tony Blair, I will trust the people in an in-out referendum," he said.

"We should ask people if they want to stay a member of this organisation.

"You cannot ignore the will of the people as Tony Blair thinks we should - and it is not just him, it is Ed Miliband."

Conservative majority

The PM kicked off his aeroplane tour in Edinburgh, visiting the Scottish Widows headquarters for breakfast with wife Samantha.

The Prime Minister chatted to staff about pension changes as he tucked into haggis, egg and fried bread, while Mrs Cameron had a bacon roll.

He was later due to fly to Wales before addressing a rally of supporters in the south-west of England.

He said: "I am going to spend the next 30 days campaigning for and fighting for an all-out Conservative majority.

"We are only 23 seats short and I am going to spend every day between now and polling day addressing that and trying to win that, if I fall short you can ask me afterwards but I am not going to speculate on this now.

"I am going to fight for the majority that I think we can win and I think the country needs and I think the country needs because there would be a more accountable and more decisive government."

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