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#JeSuisEd: Ed Miliband supporters respond to Sun's 'save our bacon' front page by tweeting photos of themselves eating awkwardly

“Save our bacon,” screamed The Sun’s front page today, carrying a huge photo of Ed Miliband eating that infamous sandwich.

“This is the pig’s ear Ed made of a helpless sarnie. In 47 hours, he could be doing the same to Britain,” the headline said.

It was almost a year ago when the Labour leader sat down to eat that fated snack, presumably having little idea of the impact it would have.

But The Sun’s attempt to resurrect his embarrassment seemed to backfire today as supporters used the #JeSuisEd hashtag, photographing themselves eating awkwardly in a show of solidarity.

Bethany Black, a comedian and actor starring in Channel 4's Banana, joined in with a picture of her face smeared in ketchup, holding a disintegrated sandwich.

Others got a bit more inventive.

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