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MyVote: Most nationalists should be unionists, and almost a third of voters believe no flags should be flown on council buildings

By Noel McAdam

So, you think you know who you should be voting for?

Well -- with Northern Ireland's double election day just over a fortnight away -- it may be time to think again...

That is if the Belfast Telegraph's snapshot survey of volunteer voters is anything to go by.

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For the special survey on our website revealed almost two-thirds of nationalists should be voting for unionist parties.

And by the same token, about one in eight unionist voters should be backing nationalists.

The results also show that on vote share, Jim Allister's Traditional Unionist Voice would win on the unionist side (14.22%), with the PUP, Ulster Unionists and DUP coming next.

Within that, it reveals that the UVF-linked PUP would get almost 14% of the vote share -- but only just over 1% of first preferences.

While Sinn Fein would receive the highest number of first preferences (almost 19%), the next highest level (coming up on 18%) would go to Alliance.

And on first preferences, the SDLP would come narrowly ahead of the DUP -- nearly 12% compared to about 11%, the rounded-up figures show.

Almost 10,000 people took part in the Telegraph's online survey, which tells you what party you should be voting for based on the answers to a load of social and political questions -- leaving out the traditional border headcount.

The Belfast Telegraph teamed up with Chambre Public Affairs and our regular polling partners LucidTalk to question the way in which individuals determine their voting preferences, based on the policies of the various parties as opposed to the long-standing basic party loyalties which characterise politics in the province.

The online poll comes ahead of next month's local government elections, which will see the greatest shake-up of councils across Northern Ireland in more than 40 years. And who will be the three MEPs representing Northern Ireland in the European Parliament?

The policy questions included the controversial issues of flying the Union flag, political donations and the reduction of our local councils from the present 26 to 11.

On flags, the single biggest contingent (27.12%) said no flags should be flown on town halls and the next largest (almost 12%) also concluding that if the Union flag and Irish tricolour were not flown together on council buildings, no flag should be flown.


The 'My Vote'  survey reveals:

* Nearly two-thirds of nationalists should be supporting unionist parties.

* More than 12% of unionists should back nationalist parties.

* 85% say donations to political parties should be publicly disclosed.

* Jim Allister is ahead on unionist vote share.

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