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UTV election debate: Naomi Long shrugs off health fears after 'feeling faint'

Naomi Long has insisted there is nothing wrong with her health after she took ill during a television debate.

Recording of the UTV election debate involving Northern Ireland's five main parties had to be paused when the Alliance leader suddenly stopped talking and appeared to steady herself on the podium.

She then walked to the side of the stage and sat down on a chair.

Recording resumed around five minutes later when Mrs Long returned to her podium to continue the debate.

Later she said she was feeling much better and put it down to the heat in the studio and to "some pressure".

"I had a lot to deal with over the weekend. I felt faint.

"It was the heat in the studio and some pressure.

"I thought it was better to sit down than fall down. I'm feeling better now," she said.

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