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Thursday 17 April 2014

Soup may help prevent child asthma

Baxters is collaborating in a study to explore soup as a potential solution to childhood asthma

Soup is being investigated as a potential solution to childhood asthma.

Scientists have modified a range of commercially available soups to boost vitamin E levels.

They hope pregnant women consuming the products will have babies with built-in protection against asthma.

Previous research has shown that women lacking vitamin E in their diet give birth to children who are more at risk of developing asthma by the age of five.

The team added natural ingredients containing the vitamin, such as sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower oil, beans and lentils, to canned soup.

In a pilot study starting in the next month, 25 women 12 weeks into their pregnancies will be given three bowls of vitamin E-enhanced soup a week. Another group of 25 women will eat ordinary soup, but neither will know what variety they are getting.

Lung function tests performed on the mothers' babies during the first week of life will look for any early signs of asthma.

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