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Thursday 2 October 2014

£1,000 theft from cancer fund event

One thousand pounds which was raised for a three year old child who has cancer has been stolen

Burglars have stolen £1,000 raised in a charity event for a three-year-old child with cancer.

On Friday night a "Take Me Out" event in Omagh raised £1,993 for Mallusk boy Oscar Knox's treatment.

However, £1,000 of that was stolen in a break-in at the home of one of the organisers in Coolnagard Lane, Omagh, some time on Friday night or Saturday morning.

An anonymous donor has since given £1,000 to the Oscar Knox Appeal to replace the stolen money.

Ulster Unionist MLA Ross Hussey condemned the heartless thieves.

"Whoever was responsible for this theft is beneath contempt. To break into a house and steal money which was raised via charitable donations for a young boy suffering from cancer is just sickening," he said.

"It is surely no coincidence that the house in which the money was being kept was targeted immediately after the fundraising event, so the thieves would have been well aware that the cash was intended for young Oscar Knox."

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