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Wednesday 16 April 2014

PSNI plan to tighten station security with bollards

PSNI officers are investigating pipe bomb attacks in Antrim

The PSNI is planning to erect security bollards on a footpath outside a Belfast police station.

If a planning application is successful bollards will appear at Musgrave station on Victoria Street, close to the Victoria Square shopping centre in the city centre.

SDLP councillor Bernie Kelly, who sits on the Development committee at Belfast City Hall, told the BBC: "We are trying to normalise the city centre as much as possible but we have to recognise that there is also a need to keep people safe. It is really a matter of striking a balance between the two.

"There has already been enough disruption in the centre of Belfast with the Streets Ahead project and having to do things like this is unfortunate."

A PSNI spokesperson said that it would not comment on "operational or security matters".

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