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Saturday 25 October 2014

Aer Lingus rosters dispute settled

A costly dispute between Aer Lingus management and cabin crew has ended

A costly dispute between Aer Lingus management and cabin crew has ended after overnight crunch talks with union leaders.

The airline expects to restore services to normal throughout Friday after a deal was brokered in the row over new rosters with industrial relations trouble-shooters.

The Impact trade union said it had stood down its campaign of industrial action while management agreed to delete from staff records the records of recent disciplinary procedures related to the walkout.

The dispute, which was in its third week, has grounded dozens of flights and hundreds of passengers.

It centred on new rosters introduced without union agreement. More than 300 workers were removed from the payroll for failing to abide by the new rosters, which Impact claimed were unreasonable.

However, the union said that after days of talks at the Labour Relations Commission (LRC), virtually all the issues of disagreement had been resolved between the parties. Final arbitration is required on two issues to complete the process, which is expected within days.

Both parties have also signed up to "industrial peace" for the duration of the cost-cutting Greenfield agreement and to resolve any future disputes through normal procedures.

The union maintained that the controversial rosters could change working times by three hours on the day of duty, making it impossible to plan childcare; the introduction of "double" shifts; and the removal of meal breaks from European flights.

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