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Sunday 20 April 2014

Surgically separated Irish twins to get new limbs

Angie Benhaffaf her son Hassan

Former conjoined Irish twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf could take their first steps with new limbs early next year.

Mother Angie has revealed that a US prosthetics specialist will be examining the boys, now 20 months, in September.

She said: "From there we will plan their prosthetic process.

"It's a slow process because it's quite complicated.

"We weren't given a time frame but it could happen as soon as next year."

The boys were born in December 2009 and separated by an operation four months later.

They travelled with their mum from Cork for TwinFest in Keash, Co Sligo, at the weekend.

Some 100 twins, many identical, turned up from all over Ireland. There were triplets, too, and one family of quads.

But some complained the "most famous twins in the world" weren't there.

Jedward - John and Edward Grimes from Lucan, Co. Dublin - opted out and are in the Big Brother house on Channel 5.

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