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Friday 29 August 2014

Brits 'behind on holiday spending'

Britons are far behind the French when it comes to spending on holidays

Britons fall far behind the French in the amount they spend on holidays, according to a travel firm.

And Britons and Irish citizens put in far less time preparing for holidays than Europe's champion pre-planners - the Spanish, according to figures from

On average Britons spend £898 on holidays, with the Irish spending £716, the Italians £613 and the French as much as £1,418.

While the Irish spend just 11 days planning a break, the figure for Britons is 45 days, while for the Spanish it is 86 days. said only 36% of Britons plan well in advance for their annual summer holiday, with 10% waiting until just before the departure date.

Of those polled, 29% said they relaxed more knowing they had a lot of time to prepare for their getaway, with 14% saying their expectations rose the longer the run-up to their holiday.

More than a third (34%) admitted to spending more money the bigger the booking window. UK and Ireland managing director Mark Maddock said: "It's interesting to see the difference in countries' holiday-booking lead times. The Irish are the most last-minute but seem to be among the lower spenders."

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