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Saturday 20 September 2014

Christmas can damage your health

A total of 10,379 people were admitted to hospital on December 25 last year

More than 10,000 people were taken to hospital on Christmas Day last year for conditions including indigestion, food poisoning and getting a Christmas cracker toy stuck in their ear, a report has found.

A study looking at admissions shows a total of 10,379 were admitted on December 25 last year, with 73,550 people waking up in hospital as part of ongoing care.

Last year one person was admitted with a toy from a Christmas cracker stuck in their ear, nine people were admitted with severe indigestion and six with food poisoning.

The data was taken from NHS feedback website Patient Opinion, along with healthcare information expert Dr Foster Intelligence.

A further 22 people burned themselves and 77 successfully had their appendix removed.

The number of births dropped by more than 20% on Christmas Day compared with the rest of the year to 1,454, avoiding a lifetime of "joint presents" on future birthdays.

The report attributes the drop in births to a possible number of early inductions. Option)

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