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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Fishermen rescued after boat sinks

Two fishermen have been rescued from the water off the Cumbria coast by an RNLI lifeboat after their boat sank

Two fishermen have been rescued after drifting for four miles at sea when their boat sank, the coastguard said.

The alarm was raised when a member of the public heard their cries for help and called the emergency services.

They had been in the water off Silloth in Cumbria for an hour by the time lifeboats reached them.

The pair got their net caught at Cardurnock Flats and their 10m vessel, Boy Bailey, overturned and sank.

Liverpool Coastguard received the 999 call just after 1.30pm on Saturday, and rescue teams from Maryport and Burgh by Sand were sent to the scene to pluck the stricken shrimp fishermen from the water.

They were rescued from the water by an RNLI inshore lifeboat and taken to hospital in Carlisle by ambulance.

Tony Topping, from the Liverpool Coastguard, said: "These fishermen were extremely lucky.

"Firstly they managed to grab life rings and then the tide carried them the four miles down to Silloth."

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